How Big Can You Extend Your Penis?


With any medical grade penis extender, you can expect to increase your penis length by nearly 30% and penis width by 20%. The amount of gain you get in a certain time depends on a number of factors, especially:
• How often/long you wear the penis extender
• What tension you use during extension
• Your age (cell generation occurs slower in older men)
• Your health (without adequate nutrition, your cells will divide slower)

How Big Can You Extend Your Penis?

When you first start using a medical penis extender, like the leading extender MaleEdge, you should see gains within the first several weeks. If you are healthy and providing your cells with enough nutrition, then the amount of growth you experience should be high for the first several months. After month 4 though, most men report that their penis growth has slowed down. By month 6, penis growth usually plateaus. You can still achieve penis growth after month 6. However, the gains at this point are usually so small that most men don’t bother wearing the penis extender anymore.

You can theoretically extend your penis to massive sizes. In Karamoja in Uganda, the men have been known to stretch their penises to 18 inches long. The MaleEdge penis extender adjusts from under 3 inches to 9 inches long. However, we do not recommend stretching your penis to this maximum amount.

It is very easy to get over-enthusiastic with penis extension. For the many men who have dealt with small penises their entire lives, seeing those small gains adding up can seem like the best thing in the world. Once they have the power of increasing their penises to massive sizes, they forget that a massive penis isn’t always a good thing to have.

According to studies, most men prefer penises which are 6 ½ to 8 inches long. Unfortunately for millions of men, the average penis is 6.1 inches long. So, even if you are average, you still fall short of what women want. Men with small penises can easily extend their penis sizes to average or even above average within 6 months. For example, a penis which is 5 inches long will grow to about 6 ½ inches long. Even with prolonged extension, a small penis is unlikely to become enormous.

If you are close to average penis size, you should be very careful that you don’t extend your penis too much. An average penis of 6 inches could easily grow to almost 8 inches long. While this may look impressive, it may be too big for many women. Before you start using MaleEdge, calculate your expected growth. Then, choose an exact size where you will stop extending and be happy with your new, bigger penis.